Forex Margin Calculator

The margin calculator allows users to calculate the required insurance amount to open a trading position with leverage in the Forex market. Currency pairs have different levels of liquidity, which directly affects the fluctuation of quotes. In this regard, Forex brokers have different margin requirements for certain assets in order to provide the necessary level of insurance for a trading account against going into minus. Moreover, exchange rates or current quotes of currency pairs also affect the calculation. The calculator also requires the introduction of additional factors that affect the final value: the volume of the trading position in standard lots and the current level of leverage.

How to calculate the margin on Forex?

In order to correctly calculate the minimum required margin for opening a trading position, the user of the calculator needs to enter the following data:

  1. Currency pair (EURUSD, USDCHF, select from the list);
  2. Margin Ratio;
  3. Position volume in standard lots.

The calculator automatically loads the current exchange rate of the selected currency pair the broker's margin requirements and gives the result, expressed in US dollars, as the main currency of the trading account.

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