Precious Metals Trading

Trading precious metals gives market participants vast variety of work on the modern commodity market. Statistics show that most wide-spread assets are gold, platinum and silver. Online platforms allow you to trade precious metals both on long-term and short-term contracts. This opens wide opportunities for the trader. Most metals are considered to be safe haven within the period of instability in the world.

The peculiarity of precious metals is that they are popular for both ordinary traders and large investment and state companies. It allows to diversify the investment portfolio and add new assets to it. Also, ordinary market participants, without large deposits, also affect the quotes, creating short-term and medium-term trends. This is especially true in times of lower volatility, when large players either leave the market or pause.

It should be remembered that all precious metals have so-called co-related assets and that open up new possibilities for traders. are closely related to other assets. For example, gold is traded with a clear peg to the US dollar, so a change in the value of the US currency will certainly affect the positions of the metal.

Instrument Leverage (up to) Trading Hours (GMT)
Gold1:20022:01 - 20:55
Silver1:10022:01 - 20:55
Platinum1:10022:01 - 20:55
Palladium1:10022:01 - 20:55
Copper1:10022:01 - 20:55