Commodities trading

Nowadays Forex market allow investors and traders to work with energy resources (ex:oil and gas). Recently, they attracted a lot of attention thanks mostly to oil, It is notorious that energy resources are highly volatile, recently, oil price jumped down from $100 to $50 and that opened new horizons for traders For Forex trading, this is twice as important, as a large dispersion in prices and strong trend movements provide additional earning opportunities. Another important characteristic of this type of asset is a close relationship with the global economy and has significant number of co-related assets (including currencies, stocks and indexes). Events in the world, along with climatic conditions and different other factors have great influence on energy resources . In short, everything that can affect the extraction and transportation of oil and gas to some extent, will affect the final value of the product, and hence the market value of the asset usually changes.

Instrument Leverage (up to) Trading Hours (GMT)
WTI Oil1:10022:01 - 20:55
Brent Oil1:10000:01 - 22:00; Friday 00:01 - 20:55
Natural Gas1:10022:01 - 20:55