Trading Bonds

Issued by banks and governments, many bonds have a defined term of maturity and traders can buy and sell Forex to trade on the market price of the bonds as they react to regional events and movement in the country of issue. At MiaVenture we offer the ability to trade small investments on high yield bonds with the aid of leverage.

With the main sterling, yen, euro and dollar bonds, clients at MiaVenture can diversify and leverage their investments to speculate on bond yields. In this interesting and stimulating market, traders appreciate the low margins and no commission.

Instrument Leverage (up to) Trading Hours (GMT)
TBOND-30Y (US30YBond)1:10022:01 - 20:59
TNOTE-10Y (US10YNote)1:10022:01 - 20:59
EURO-BUND-10Y EU1:10006:00 - 20:00
GILT-LONG UK (Gilt10Y)1:10007:10 - 17:00
Japan G. Bonds1:10000:05 - 01:59, 03:35 - 05:59, 06:35 - 14:24