Bonuses Policy

MiaVenture may provide various bonuses to their Clients, subject to certain requirements set forth by the Company. Customers can activate any award/bonus offered by the Company only after full verification. In order to obtain Bonuses the Clients need to fulfill the following criteria.

  • Have a real trading account with the;
  • Have fully verified account;
  • To have on his balance minimum of $100 or equivalence in euro or rubles;
  • To accept the Bonus Terms & Conditions.

FTD bonus on full registration

  • Client can get a 50% bonus with a Maximum bonus amount of 500 Euro/Dollar or the equivalent in Ruble as an FTD amount;
  • The client will be able to trade the bonus only after he has traded with his deposit.

Second deposit bonus:

  • 10% bonus by your manager team;
  • 15% bonus by the head desk.

Withdrawal policy for each bonus

FTD bonus – – the client can withdraw only the profit he makes from the bonus and for each one dollar he needs a volume of 10,000$. Also, he needs to trade for 60 days from the time he deposits.

Example – the client deposits 100$ and gets 20$ bonus, he buys a position of 10,000$ volume and has a 10% profit. He can withdraw 1 12$. All this should happen in 60 days.

Second deposit bonus:

10% bonus or 15% bonus by Desk Head – the client can withdraw only the profit he makes from the bonus and for each one dollar he needs a volume of 10,000$, he also needs to trade for 60 days from the time he gets his bonus.

Example - the client deposits 1000$ and gets 100$ bonus. He makes 10% profit and his volume was 10,000$. In this case, the client can withdraw 1101$.

Terms and Conditions

If you sustain trading losses in your account, those losses will be firstly deducted from your deposit. This also applies if you make further deposits after you have received the bonus.

If you withdraw funds prior to meeting the Criteria, the bonus will be removed. For the avoidance of any doubt, profits accumulated from own funds or accrued from the use of the bonus are withdrawable in a proportional manner.

Where you have incurred losses upon making a withdrawal request and prior to meeting the Criteria, all losses will firstly be applied to your deposited funds and the remaining balance excluding the bonus will be available for withdrawal.

If you do not meet the volume criteria described above within the Timeframe, MLC reserves the right to remove the bonus, or such proportion as is available for removal, without providing any notice to the Client.

You will be able to identify at any time your Withdrawable Equity, your Bonuses Balance and the days available until the Timeframe expires.

If your account balance reaches zero, the Criteria will cease to apply and normal trading protocol will take effect.

From time to time, the Company may offer additional bonus promotions, which will be offered to you based on certain pre-defined criteria and at the Company’s sole discretion. If you are eligible to receive such bonus, a relevant email notification will be sent to you.

The relevant bonus becomes available for withdrawal as soon as you satisfy the required minimum trading volumes determined herein above. If you are participating in more than one bonus promotion simultaneously, the Criteria operate as follows:

  • trades placed following receipt of the bonus are allocated towards the withdrawal Criteria that relate to the specific bonus until completely fulfilled;
  • subsequent trades will be allocated to any other bonus criteria once the initial Bonus Criteria have been met in full. Bonus withdrawal criteria are therefore met in chronological order. This principle applies regardless of the number of offers or bonuses you may be participating in simultaneously.

If you make any additional deposits while you are participating in a bonus offer, subsequent deposits will not count towards the Criteria for already received bonuses.

The bonus and any other bonuses will be immediately revoked from Clients who appear to be in abuse of the spirit of this offer. MLC reserves the right to cancel/remove a bonus at any time in case of any suspected abuse of the offer.

“Abuse” and “Abusive Behavior” includes, but is not limited to:

  • the opening of multiple accounts to claim multiple bonuses,
  • the Client by himself or in collusion with others behaving in a manner that may be deemed that the sole intention is to extract the bonus,
  • trading activity patterns that suggest fraud, manipulation, cash-back arbitrage or attempts to garner risk free profits by making use of the bonus.

Further, where any single term of the bonus offer is breached or where there is any reasonable suspicion by MLC that a Client has acted fraudulently or has obtained an unfair or unintended advantage, MLC reserves the right to cancel any attempted withdrawal of profits, temporarily or permanently close or suspend the account(s) that have been deemed abusive, cancel any orders and all profits. Under these circumstances, MLC shall not be held liable for any consequences of bonus cancellation, including but not limited to cancellation of orders and closure of positions.

MLC is the sole arbiter of these Bonus Terms and Conditions and any other issue arising under this promotion. Exceptions to these are at the sole discretion of MLC’s management, and any decisions to this effect are final. MLC reserves the right to amend, withdraw or restrict this offer at any time without any notice to the Client.

MLC will not be held liable for any losses incurred by you because of your trading in relation to this offer. There is a substantial risk that you may lose all your initial investment.

Bonus Disclaimer

Bonuses are offered exclusively based on the management’s discretion. While bonuses have some advantages, you do not have to accept them. Bonuses require a trading turnover which might be beyond your reach. You are advised not to accept any bonuses unless you understand the Deposit Bonus Terms and Conditions and you are committed to trading over a long period.