Bonus (Reward) policy

MiaVenture (hereinafter – the Company) can provide its clients with different benefits, bonuses and gifts under the condition of meeting certain requirements set by the Company.

Clients can get any reward offered by the Company only after full verification.

Welcome first deposit bonus up to 100% is given to each client who has opened an account and verified identity. Also, the client can receive an incentive bonus up to 100% for subsequent deposits. In order to get the bonus, you should fill in the application with the help of your Manager.

The bonus, prize or financial privileges are given to the client only to increase the margin, but not to maintain it. If by coincidences, which were the result of the client's trading, only credit funds remain on the balance of the client's trading account, even in the case of existing (open) transactions, these funds are being total canceled.

Any reward can be at any time withdrawn from the Client if the Client abuses this Provision. Abuse can be caused personally or by a group of people, who commit fraud by monetary manipulation, are aimed at receiving a large amount of bonuses, as well as other cases stipulated by the MCL legislation.

In addition, if there are any objective grounds to suspect that the Client has committed fraud, the Company reserves the right to deny all the attempts to withdraw profits from the account until complete investigation of the current situation is done. Accounts that are acknowledged as abusive can be closed or frozen for trade, corresponding orders can be canceled and profits can be eliminated.

MCL is the only authority to arbitrate all the gifts on the Company website. MCL can at its sole discretion to cancel, change or limit any offer without a notice. MCL is not responsible for clients’ losses occurred in the result of working with the offers. Trading is an investment with the high risk level. There is a high risk of losing initial investments.

The Company does not recommend to accept any rewards and bonuses without full understanding of the conditions of receiving them!