Financial analytics

Traders need to use verified information for profitable trading in the Forex market. This section provides detailed financial analytics, which will certainly be useful to traders. All information is relevant in terms of correlation with current trends. This will allow you to take the most conventional steps when trading and get the supreme profit. Data provided by the best analysts who are professionals in the space.

What is included in Forex analytics?

Forex technical analysis includes:

  • Price charts studies;
  • Supply and demand indicators;
  • Levels of market resistance and support.

Technical analysis of financial markets reflects current trends. This information allows you to make forecasts for the future, but it must be used in conjunction with the fundamental analysis.

Fundamental forecasts made by Forex analysts take into account the political situation, the current economic situation in different countries, monetary policy. It is difficult to evaluate these parameters on your own, so you need to rely on professional analysis.


Forex analytics for today

What are you getting?

This page contains links to forecasts from the best analysts. At the same time, different types of research are used, which analyzes the Forex market as detailed and useful as possible. Also here is the economic calendar, which contains all the important events for today and other days. Information is constantly updated, so you can safely use it. The presented data is easy to understand, which is useful for beginners. The page has convenient search and filtering tools, so you can quickly find the information you need.