Margin requirements

Read the contents of this page to know the margin requirements that are put forward to Forex and CFD. Each client must have a minimum margin requirement on the account for the entire opening of the position at any time.

MiaVenture has the right to close one or all of the positions each time they do not support the margin requirements of the account.

Margin requirements can be changed. To provide MiaVenture customers with comfortable trading conditions, we will inform clients about any changes in the margin rules via our official website, in a period not less than one week.

Margin Requirements Levels

Marginal requirements are calculated by the formula of dividing the dollar position to the lever.

Margin calculation example

For example, there opened a position on EUR/USD for the amount of $ 5,000 at a price of $1,500, and the maximum leverage of 200. In this case, the formula is as follows: (5000 * 1,500)/200 = $37.5. That is, to open a position considering the criteria described above, you need a margin of $37.5.


Customers will be notified in advance of situations when the platform is approaching 100% margin, after which the transaction will be automatically closed. Therefore, we recommend that you always stay available on the trading platform when you have open positions, so as not to miss the margin call message. In some cases, it is possible to be notified by phone and e-mail about the approach of the contract to the marginal demand limit. In this case, it is proposed to add additional funds to the account in order to maintain the current position open.

Also, customers will be informed at a time when the margin falls below 50%, in order for the platform to find the best opportunities to liquidate positions at the best closing prices. This is done without agreement with the Client, since the contract is approaching the threshold of violation of the rules of trade. Therefore, when the margin call level is reached, the platform begins to look for the best prices for closing the position.

Each client is personally responsible for the stop-loss that he places on the platform to minimize his losses. In addition, MiaVenture in some cases may require the Customer additional requirements for securing the contract. At the same time, any increase in the margin requirement, which is not stipulated in the rules, cannot be considered a standard change for all other contracts.